560 sqm      4 story building


Acquisition of 2 attached buildings at a discount in one of the neighborhoods of Lisbon undergoing a profound reform.

Investment plan:

  1. Acquisition of the asset.
  2. Rental optimization as is.
  3. Licensing transformation.
  4. Transformation into 13 bedroom high-quality hostel.
  5. Operation.
  6. Exit in 8 to 10 years.
    • 6-A: Exit by selling the whole asset to a core investor at a yield of 5 to 6%.
    • 6-B: transformation into 7 residential units and selling them to private homebuyers.

Total investment: 1.850.000€

Total investment term: from 8 to 10 years.

Target investment KPIs (8 years)

                                      Exit A.             Exit B.   

       Yearly yield:         16%.               8,4% 

       Multiple:               2,27x.            1,66x

       IRR:                       15%                 9,5%

Martim Moniz, Lisbon



Acquisition of a new Hotel, fully licensed,  in one of the most touristic neighborhood of Graça, Lisbon. 

The hotel has 12 rooms and 01 commercial premise, ideal for a cafeteria, that can be a good asset for the hotel and a additional revenue stream.

Investment plan:

  1. Acquisition of the asset.
  2. Manage the Hotel operation.
  3. Divestment in 5 to 8 years, exit by selling the asset to a family office or core hedge fund.

Total investment:        3.200.000€

Investment period:     5 to 8 yrs

Asset specifications:  

– Number of rooms:      12

– Total surface:                500 m2

KPIs analysis for 8 yrs investment

       Annual yield:                   7,4%        

       Multiple:                           1,55x            

       IRR:                                    8,0%        

Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid

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