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Our investment opportunities are categorized into 4 different stages:

Due Diligence

Homad investment team is running the analysis on the project and securing the asset.

Coming soon

The asset would be available for Homad’s Members in 2 weeks.


The asset is open for Homad’s Members to invest.


The asset is closed for new investments.

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Málaga, Spain

  365 sqm    11 units

Acquisition of an old family home in the heart of the city and transform it into 11 short-term rental units in one of the most sought after cities in Spain.

Total investment: € 1.650.000

Total investment term: 8 Y 

Málaga, Spain


  550 sqm    8 units

Acquisition of a beautiful palace in the very historical centre and refurbish it into 8 short-term rental units.

Total investment: € 2.400.000

Total investment term: 8 Y 

Madrid, Spain

  180 sqm    5 units

Acquisition of 5 new ground floor appartments in the new business área of Madrid, the 4 towers.                    

Total investment: € 1.15 M

Total investment term: 5 – 8 Y 

Lisbon, Portugal


  340 sqm    4 storey building

Acquisition of 2 attached buildings at a discount in one of the neighborhoods of Lisbon undergoing a profound reform

Total investment: € 1.85 M

Total investment term: 8 – 10 Y 

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